Visuals and Diagrams

Visuals and Diagrams authored by Joe Griffin
   Second Advent, “Left” & “Taken”
   Ten Problem-Solving Devices Numbers 1and 10 in Red
  1 Samuel 17:45-47 - Davids Doctrinal Rationales
  10 Commandments-Lord’s Summary + Hinge
  1st, 3rd, & HQs Platoon, Zerok COP, Afghanistan
  2 Corinthians 5:10
  2 Peter 1:19
  2 Thes 2:1-12 Expanded Translation
  2 Thess 2 verses 7 through 12
  2 Thess 2:1-4
  2 Thess 2:5-8
  2 Thess 2:8 and 9
  2 Thess 2:9
  2 Thess 2:9-10
  2 Thessalonians 2-KJV GNT NASB
  2 Timothy 2:2 - C&ET
  2012 Memorial Day Special - Death in the Tall Grass - 1st Session
  2012 Memorial Day Special - Death in the Tall Grass - 2nd Session
  4J10-01 Visuals
  4J10-02 Visuals
  Acquisition of Agape Love
  Active Measures
  Adam & Ishah’s Relationship with the Integrity of God
  Adam and Ishahs Relationship With God
  Adam Ishah's Relationship with Integrity of God
  Adam’s Rib: Genesis 2:21
  Adam-Creation, Fall, & Salvation
  Alexander the Great’s Conquests
  Altar of Incense
  American War Heros of WWII
  Anáthema: Two Statements of the Curse in Galatians 1:8–9
  Angelic College of Heralds
  Anger Complex – Illustrated by Fire
  Antonine Caesars
  Arch of Titus - Frieze of Captured Menorah and Trumpets
  Arch of Titus Inscription
  Ark of the Covenant
  Ark of the Covenant - Mercy Seat
  Armageddon: Mount of Megíddo and the Plain of Esdraélon (Revelation 16:16)
  Army of Fallen Angels
  Artemis - Temple Drawing and Statues
  Attack on Descendants of David: Joash
  Attributes of God
  Balfour Declaration
  Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Retroactive & Current Positional Truth
  Barbary States
  Barna Group: Bible-Minded Cities
  Barrier: Cause & Removal
  Bathsheba’s Father
  Battle of Antirhion
  Battle of Chancellorsville - Jackson's Bold March
  Battle of Chancellorsville - The Wilderness
  Battlement-Embrasures & Merlons
  Behistun Inscription
  Biblical Carousel
  Biblical Categories of Life
  Biblical Cycles Of Perfection & Disorder
  Biblical Words for Places of Worship
  Billowing Flames
  BioSilk Silk Therapy Shampoo
  Black, Hugo L.
  Book Of Life: Selection, Rejection, Perfection
  Brain Stem
  Brain: Wernicke's & Broka's Areas
  Brain: Wernickes Brocas Areas
  Brass Altar
  Brattahlid Church.Greenland
  Britannia-First Century A.D.
  Burst of Flames
  Cain’s Murder of Abel – John 8:44 cf.
  Camel Through Eye of Needle
  Carson's 'The Sign'
  Carter Study Bible
  Categories of Life - Physical and Soulish
  Categories of Life for Angels and Man
  Categories of Suffering
  Cause Effect of Piprasko In Romans 7:14
  Children of Jacob
  Christian Fellowship
  Christian Marriage - Three Laws
  Christian Soldier - Men of Harlech
  Chronic Bitterness - Smoldering Embers
  Chronologies of Daniel 9:24-27
  Chronology From Crucifixion To Resurrection
  Coat of Arms of Jesus Christ
  Codex Vaticanus - 4th Century Papyrus Manuscript
  Colossians 1:16-17 EXT
  Colossians 1:16–17-EXT
  Comparison of Minuscules: Luke 1 (1366) and Acts 1 (1407)
  Comparison of Prototype & Operational Divine Power Systems
  Comparison of Survival of New Testament Texts & Other Ancient Documents
  Comparison of the Greek Translation of Isaiah 7:14 from the Septuagint with Matthew 1:23 from the Majority Text
  Compartments of Hades
  Compartments of Hades (2)
  Compartments of Hades- Sea Doors
  Composites of Divine Integrity Plus Policy of Grace
  Computer of Divine Decrees
  Confidence and Courage Eliminate Fear
  Conjunction - Saturn & Jupiter In Pisces 29 MAY, 3 OCT and 4 DEC 7 b.c.
  Conjunction - Virgin Birth
  Conjunction - Virgin Pregnancy
  Conjunction: Saturn Jupiter In Pisces 05-29-07 BC
  Conjunctions: Jupiter with Regulus; Conjunctions of the Virgin Birth; "The Star of Bethlehem"
  Constellations: Biblical Carousel; Virgo; Pisces; Leo; Hydra; Coma; Corvus
  Constellations: Virgo; Moon Eclipse
  Contract for Suretyship
  Corinth Geographic Regions
  Corinth Oceans and Water Ways
  Corinth Satellite View
  Coriolis Effect
  Cosmic System: Arrogance Complex
  Cosmic Systems: Hatred Complex
  Counties of England
  Creation, Chaos, & Restoration
  Crisis - How to Create & Use for Political Gain
  Crown Awards Roman Military
  Crowns-Ancient Greek Roman Games
  Current Curricula of the Satanic Academy
  Daniel 2
  Daniel's Prophecy of the 70 Weeks
  Daniel's Seventy Weeks
  Dates of the Birth of Christ in Early Christian Sources
  David Slaying Goliath-Rubens
  David with Goliath’s Head-Michelangelo
  David’s Lyre-The Brain On Music
  The “Day” in 2 Thessalonians 2:2
  Deaths: Spiritual and Physical in the Old Testament
  Demonstration of Esprit-de-Corps Love under pressure in Romans 5:1-5
  Denarius-SPQR In Reign of Tiberius
  Dendrites and Dendritic Spines
  Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem
  Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem 2
  Development of Brain Structural Connectivity
  Development of Spiritual Esprit de Corps
  Development of the Protocols
  Disciples Questions Answered Chronologically by the Lord
  Dispensations - Acts 2:17-21, Joel 2:28-32 & Daniel 12:11-12
  Dispensations in Isaiah 9:6 – Israel, (Church), Millennium
  Dispensations Showing Incarnation Superjacent to Israel-1
  Dispensations Timeline
  Divine Decree - Definition
  Divine Decree & Paul’s Deliverance
  Divine Didactics in Greek
  Divine Dynasphere – Inside the Bubble
  Divine Dynasphere and the Problem Solving Devices
  Divine Dynasphere- Evanescent
  Divine Dynasphere-Jesus Inside the Bubble
  Divine Jurisprudence
  Divine Righteousness Compared with Capacity Righteousness
  Doctrinal Constellations Chart
  Doctrine of Redemption
  Double-Pan Balance Scale
  Douglas Fairbanks
  Douglass Griffin Memorial-TROY
  Dr. and Mrs. Rao
  Eastern Hemisphere, 050 AD
  Eastern Roman Empire
  Egnatian Way at Thessalonica
  Elah Valley from Socoh
  Elah Wadi es-Sunt - Modern Day
  Election-Decreed Revealed Imputed
  Electromagnetic Spectrumn
  Encampment of the Twelve Tribes of Israel
  Ephesians 1:19 - Power Nouns & Expanded Translation
  Ephesians 2 Gender Clause
  Ephesians 2:8-9
  Ephesians 4 verses 17 and 18 EXT
  Ephesians 4.18-19
  Ephesians 4:17
  Ephesians 6.10-ThreePowerNouns
  Ephesians 6:14 Aorost Participles EXT
  Ephesians 6:14a Aorist Participle-EXT
  Ephesians 6:14a Aorist Participle-NASB
  Ephesians 6:15 Aorist Participles EXT
  Equation of Honor
  Equation of Salvation
  Equus, A Dialog
  Ernie Shore's Not So Perfect Game
  Escrow Blessings: Deposit To Conveyance
  Escrow Blessings: Deposit, Target, Conveyance
  Essence of the Soul
  Essence of the Soul-Mechanics
  Establishment of Nationalism
  Eternal Life, Time and Forever Life
  Eucharist - Cup & Bread Vectors
  Eulogy of Vernon Douglass “Speed” Griffin - Slide Show
  Evaluation Tribunal of Christ
  Events Leading up to the Second Virginia Convention
  Explosive Anger - Billowing Flames
  Faithful Is the Word - 1 Tim 1:15
  Faith-Rest Drill Summary
  Fall of the Alamo - March 6, 1836
  Fallacy of the Exchange of Attributes
  Fallen 9000 - Normandy 2013
  False Doctrine of Theotokos
  Feasts of the Lord
  First Amend. Blacks's Everson-Majority Opinion
  First Amendment
  First Amendment cf. Black's Everson Opinion
  Fish Called Wanda-Cleese & Kline Apology
  Fish Symbol's Meaning
  Five Areas of National Desolation
  Five Cycles of Discipline to Client Nations - Lev 26:14-39
  Five Israelite Client Nations
  Flag Presentation at the Funeral of Marine Staff Sgt. Marcus Golczynski
  FLOT Line - Believers Shield of Faith
  Flowers Of Grasses
  Flowers Of Grasses
  For Whom Did Christ Die
  Forms of Government: Good & Bad
  Formula-From Condemnation into Justification
  Forty Vectors: Words, Terms, & Phrases for Recall of Doctrine
  Four Categories of Positive or Negative Volition
  Four Categories of Positive or Negative Volition –Praying Mantis
  Four Consequences of Loving Christ
  Four Creation Verbs
  Four Horsemen – Rev 6.1-8
  Fragmented Believer
  Galatians 5:13 - NASB & GDC Translations
  Galatians 5:15 - NASB & GDC Translations
  GAP OpZ and NeuralNetwork
  Gen-2.16-17 -- Moth-Tamuth
  Gen-2.16-17 and 3.3-4
  Genesis 15:6
  Genesis 2:23
  Genesis 3.1
  Genesis 3.2 2.16-17 3.3
  Genesis 6:4 Luke 17:26-27
  Genesis 9 10 and 11 - Internationalism
  Genesis-1.1-2 cf. Isaiah-45.18
  Genitive Noun of Action Romans 5 verse 5
  Geologic Time Line of World History Compared with the Biblical Time Line ofGenesis 1:1-3
  Geologic Time Scale
  Gift of Pastor-Teacher
  “Good-will” in Luke 2:14
  Gothic Script
  Grace Apparatus for Perception
  Grace Apparatus for Percerption-OP Z with 4C's
  Grant Woods American Gothic
  Granville Sharp Rule in Ephesians 4:11
  Griffin Family Anniversaries
  Gutenberg 42-Line Bible
  Hagia Sophia-Istanbul
  Handwriting on the Wall
  Handwriting on the Wall in Daniel 5:25–28
  HARMONY: Inner & Outer
  HARMONY: Inner & Outer
  Harold Lloyd
  Heart and Lungs Diagram
  Hebrew Syntax of Conjunction Waw
  Hebrews 12:2 - Christ Our Guidon
  Hebrews 4:2 NASB & Expanded Translations
  Herod's Temple
  Heroes at Normandy
  Heuristic Method
  History of the 'Kicking against the Goads' Metaphor
  Holy Place
  Horse Diagram
  Houses of Lancaster & York
  How to Spell Wife
  Hurricane: Inside of
  Impulsive Anger - Burst of Flames
  Imputations At Physical and Spiritual Birth
  In Love and War
  In Memoriam: Robert B. Thieme, Jr.
  “In the beginning …” Genesis 1:1
  In the Shadow of Your Wings
  In Whom Do You Trust
  Inculcation for Application
  Info for Ordering the DVD or MP3 CD
  Infralapsarian Order of the Elective Decrees
  Inner Happiness of the Copacetic Christian
  Installment Discipline: David’s Sins Punished in Four Phases
  Instantaneous Extradimensional Communications Network (Prayer Network)
  Integrity of God - Simultaneous Operation of Attributes
  Intrinsic & Extrinsic Fifth Columns
  Intrinsic and Extrinsic 5th Columns-New
  Isaiah 25:6
  Ishah’s Curse & Cain’s Rebellion
  James T. Lawrence
  Jeremiah 17:1 & 2
  Jeremiah 23:1‒2 - C&ET
  Jeremiah 6.16-17
  Jerusalem - William Blake
  Jerusalem 63 A.D
  Jesus Christ inside the Prototype Divine Dynasphere
  Jesus Christs Global Millennial Government
  Jesus Inside the Divine Dynasphere
  Jesus' Life Span
  Jesus' Well at Padstow, Cornwall
  Jewish Baptism of Fire
  Jim Lawrence -Reflections on Albany
  Joe Griffin Media Ministries Logo
  Joe Pinder Barracks in Germany
  Joe Pinder with his brother
  Joe Pinder with the Sanford Lookouts
  Joe Pinder's Burial
  John 1:1a
  John 10:11 cf. John 10:15
  John 10:12 - Arch of Titus - Snatching - Scattering
  John 10:14 cf. John 10:15
  John 16:12-13 Corrected and Expanded Translation
  John 3:16 in the Greek
  John 8:31 Expanded Translation
  John 8:32 Corrected and Expanded Translation
  John of Gaunt and The Throne of England
  Joseph Stalin
  Joseph's Route to Egypt (1-3)
  Judah's Fortified Cities
  Judgment of Sin, Human Good, & Evil at the Great White Throne
  Judicial Imputations - Two
  Jupiter in Virgo, Dec. 01, 2 b.c. from Jerusalem, Judea, at 7 a.m (1)
  Jupiter in Virgo, Dec. 10, 2 b.c. Southeast of Jerusalem, Judea, at 7 a.m.(2)
  Jupiter in Virgo, Dec. 15, 2 b.c. from Jerusalem, Judea, at 7 a.m.(3)
  Jupiter in Virgo, Dec. 20, 2 b.c. from Jerusalem, Judea, at 7 a.m.(4)
  Jupiter in Virgo, Dec. 21, 2 b.c. from Jerusalem, Judea, at 7 a.m.(5)
  Jupiter in Virgo, Dec. 22, 2 b.c. from Jerusalem, Judea, at 7 a.m.(6)
  Jupiter in Virgo, Dec. 23, 2 b.c. from Jerusalem, Judea, at 7 a.m.(7)
  Jupiter in Virgo, Dec. 24, 2 b.c. from Jerusalem, Judea, at 7 a.m.(8)
  Jupiter in Virgo, Dec. 25, 2 B.C. from Jerusalem, Judea, at 7 A.M.(9)
  Keller, Helen - On Swedenborg
  Kenosis Illustrated
  Kepler-22 System and Planet Kepler 22b
  Kingdom of Heaven: Plans A & B
  Kings Of Assyria and Judah: 835-642 B.C.
  Kings of Israel and Judah
  Kinnor - The Harp Of David
  Ladybug Game & Praying Mantis
  Law of Volitional Responsibility-Misery Quotients
  Law of Volitional Responsibility-Principles
  Law of Volitional Responsibility-Suffering
  Law of Volitional Responsibility-Summary
  Laws of Divine Establishment
  Line of Christ from Adam through Shem
  Line Of Christ Longevity
  Line of Christ Shem through Abraham
  Line of Messiah - Abraham to House of David
  Lineage of Aaron and the High Priesthood
  Lord’s Coat of Arms
  Lord’s Three-Stage Campaign of Shock and Awe in Revelation 5-16 - Seals Trumpets and Bowls
  Love - Three Greek Words
  Lucifers Appeal Unbelievers and Forever life
  Luke 1:35-Annunciation To Mary
  Luke 21:20-24
  Mal Couch Loss of Thought
  Map of Tyre and Sidon
  Map: 2nd Battle of Aphek & Loss of the Ark
  Map: Abraham Rescues Lot
  Map: Abraham: Beersheba to Moriah
  Map: Adullam Caves
  Map: Aphek-Battles Of & Ebenezer Shiloh & Philistia
  Map: Assyrian and Babylonian Captivity Routes
  Map: Assyrian Empire 650BC
  Map: Battle of Chancellorsville
  Map: Battle of Keilah
  Map: Battle of Mount Gilboa-Saul Dies
  Map: Battle of Poitiers, France
  Map: Bethany East of the Jordan River
  Map: Bethany On Mt Olives
  Map: David Flees from King Saul
  Map: David’s Campaign Against The Philistines
  Map: Dover England to Calais France
  Map: France: Battle of Poitiers
  Map: Gibeah Area
  Map: Greece and the Roman Province fo Asia
  MAP: Hitler's Atlantic Wall
  Map: IslamicEmpire
  Map: Israel - Topographical
  MAP: Israel's Valley of Elah-Topograpic
  Map: Isreal Wadis - Topographic
  Map: Japheth Ham Shem Table of Nations
  Map: Jerusalem 1st Century
  Map: Jerusalem and Israel
  Map: Jesus Christ’s Global Millennial Government
  Map: Jewish Diaspora
  Map: Jezreel-Megiddo.PlainOf
  Map: Mesopotamia Ancient
  Map: Mesopotamia Current
  Map: Mount Carmel
  Map: Nicopolis Greece
  MAP: NW France - TheBreakout 1944
  Map: Padstow-Cornwall
  Map: Palestinian Covenant - From the Nile to the Euphrates
  Map: Paul's 2d Missionary Journey
  Map: Paul's 3d Missionary Journey
  Map: Paul's 4th Missionary Journey-Spain
  Map: Philistine Plain
  Map: Plain of Esdraelon
  Map: Promised Land Palestinian Covenant
  Map: Roads in Israel
  Map: Roman Britannia First Century AD
  Map: Somerset-Glastonbury-Mendip Hills
  Map: St Anthony's Church-Cornwall
  Map: Trade Routes of the First Century AD
  Map: Valley of Elah - David v. Goliath
  Map: Valley of Elah from Google Earth
  Map:Northern and Southern Kingdoms Samaria and Shechem
  Marijuana Affected Brains
  Marijuana affected Brains Underside View
  Marijuana Affected Brains Underside View2
  Mark & Jacob Davey.Caddy
  Mark Davey Family-River Scene
  Mark’s ’89 Sedan DeVille
  Mark’s Cadillac’s Accessories
  Mary's Double Entendre
  Mathematics of the Golden Mean
  Matt 22:44-45 and Ps-110:1
  Matthew 16:18 and John 1:42
  Mechanics of Answered Prayer
  The Mechanics of Salvation
  Memorial of Robert H. "Bob" Evans
  Memorial to Joe Pinder
  Middle Wall Of Partition
  Moabite Stone
  Modern Day Countries in the Old Roman Empire
  Moon Phases: April 2001 (large visual)
  Moon Phases: March 2001 (large visual)
  Moon Phases: May 2001 (large visual)
  Moon Phases: October 2001 (large visual)
  Moon Phases: September 2001 (large visual)
  Mother Of God Heresy
  MSgt Ronald E. Rosser
  Names of the First Apostle
  Names of the First Apostle
  Nebuchadnezzar’s 3 Sieges of Jerusalem
  Neural Synapses Passing Chemical Messages
  Neuron Firing
  New Statue Replaces Saddam
  Nike Award Number 2
  Nike Awards- 13 Paragraphs 6 Categories
  Nike Awards of Revelation 2 and 3
  Nike Awards-Evaluation Tribunal of Christ
  Nike Awards-Millennial Kingdom & Eternal State
  Norms and Standards in Galatians 5:22-23: Inwardly, Outwardly, Upwardly
  Note of Hand-Cancelation
  Note of Hand-Original
  NOVA: Outburst of White Dwarf (Artist Rendition)
  Odysseus between Scylla and Charybdis
  Old Testament Saints Ascension
  Omniscience Escrow and Election in Eternity Past
  Operation Double Z
  Operation Z with 6 C's
  Order of the Resurrections
  Origin of Human Life
  Overview of "The Last Days" in Acts 2:17
  Palace of Westminster London
  Papyrus Scroll Fragment from Romans in the Chester Beatty Museum
  Papyrus: 1st Century B.C. Egypt
  Parental Authority
  Parthia at its Greatest Extent, Ca.1 Century BC
  Parthian Rulers - Attested Names
  Passover Doorframe
  Paul and Company Sail for Rome
  Pedigree of Jesus from Adam to David
  Phases in the Appeal Trial of Satan
  Philippines Map
  Pictograph at Place Manor Church-Cornwall
  Plan of the Tabernacle and Its Courts
  Pleroma: Gnostic & Jesus
  Pluripotent Stem Cells
  Pool of Siloam
  Porphyrian Tree-Logic
  Postulates National and Personal
  Power Struggle for the Soul
  PowerPoint Presentation
  PowerPoint Presentation
  Prayer IEC Network
  Prayer John 15:7 - Protasis and Apodosis
  Prayer-Mechanics of Answered
  Preamble to the Constitution
  Present Tenses In Romans 7:15-25
  Pressfield’s Inner & Outer Harmonies
  Priest at the Altar of Incense
  Primary Strategy of the Dark Side
  Prisoner of War - Siz Years in Hanoi
  Problem Solving Devices for the Prototype Divine Dynasphere
  Problem-Solving Devices & Justification By Works
  Problem-Solving Devices & the Spiritual Advance
  Processing Language in the Brain
  Production of Integrity & Honor
  Program of the Resurrections
  Promises of God Book
  Protocols of the Elders of Zion
  Proverbs 3:14-15 compared with 8:10-11
  Proverbs 8 Outline
  Psalm 119 – Example of a Strophe and Its Distichs
  Psalm 16:10 with LXX
  Psalm 85.10
  Psalm 85.10 ULG + BDRIS + IR = P
  Qumran Area of Cave Sites
  Rapture - Midtribulational
  Rapture - Posttribulational
  Rapture - Pretribulational
  Rapture Imminency Rationale
  Rebellion of Absalom
  Reconciliation Levitical Peace Offerings.5slides
  Reigns of the Kings of Israel and Judah
  Resurrection Body - Characteristics
  Resurrections: Jesus Christ & Old Testament Saints
  Revelation - 12.17 cf 13.1a
  Revelation - 13.18 ~ NIV
  Revelation 19:8 – 7 Words
  Revelation 19:8 – Paraphrase
  Reversionism - Advanced Stages 5-8
  Reversionism - Eight Stages
  Reversionism - Mataiotes
  Reversionism - Process for Recovery
  Reversionsism - Mataiotes and Advanced Stages
  rises How To Create and Use For Political Gain
  Robert Burns
  Roman Army Standards
  Roman Eagle & Wolf Headdress
  Roman Emperors from Jesus to John
  Roman Legionary
  Roman Legionary-Panoplia Elements
  Romans 12:2 - Renovation of the Soul
  Romans 5:15
  Romans 5:16
  Romans 5:17
  Romans 6:4 - Expanded Translation
  Romans 6:5
  Romans 8:11 - Protasis & Apodosis
  Royal Diadems
  Royal Lines of Omri & Asa
  Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale
  Salvation Ministries of the Holy Spirit
  San Benedetto and Sanssouci Palace
  Satan’s Temptations of Eve and of Jesus
  Scalp of Miss Jane McCrea - First Session
  Scalp of Miss Jane McCrea - First Session
  Scalp of Miss Jane McCrea - Second Session
  Scalp of Miss Jane McCrea - Second Session
  Science Fiction Movie Posters
  SCOTUS - Prayer In Schools Decision
  Scrolls of the Tanakh
  Second Advent of Christ
  Second Advent of Christ
  Seething Anger
  Sennacherib’s Palestinian Campaign – 2 Kgs 18-19
  Sequence & Arrangement of the Tripartite Hebrew Canon
  Sheep Gate - Jerusalem
  Shekinah Glory Reigns
  The Shekinah Glory Reins
  Shema: Deuteronomy 6:4
  The Shema: Deuteronomy 6:4; Mark 12:29
  Shreveport Bible Conference 2011 Visuals
  Shreveport Bible Conference 2012 Visuals
  Siege of Tyre
  The Sign
  The Sign Christmas Card
  Signers of the Declaration
  The Silk Road through Damascus, Babylon, & the Zagros Mountains to Hecatompylos
  Smoldering Embers
  Smoldering Embers
  Soldier’s Story, A Great
  Song of Solomon: A Play in Five Acts
  Sophisticated Spiritual Life-PSD 8,9,10
  Soul Inventory-Four Classes
  The Soul’s Ménage à Trois in James 1:13–15
  Sources Of Pluripotent Stem Cells
  Spider Tartare: Spider-Man v. The Assassin
  Spiritual Stream of Consciousness
  Spiritual Stream of Consciousness
  Spiritual Struggle of the Cosmic Believer
  St. John's Church - Exterior
  St. John's Church - Interior
  Stalin On the Press
  Strategic & Tactical Victories
  Stream of Consciousness in the Kardia of the Soul
  Struggle of Young Churchgoers
  Subdivisions of the Cerebral Cortex
  Sunset - Ephesians 4:26b
  Supralapsarian Order of the Elective Decrees
  Synapses Transmitting
  Synaptic Transmission
  Synaptic Transmission 2
  System of Divine Didactics
  Systematic Theology - Ten Major Divisions
  Tabernacle - Cutaway
  Tabernacle & Outer Court
  Tabernacle Model
  Tabernacle of God
  Tanakh: Torah, Talmud, Mishnah, Orders
  Tanakh: Tripartite Hebrew Canon
  Tandem Concepts of Virtue Love
  Tandem Problem-Solving Devices
  Temple - Destruction by Romans in AD70
  Temple of Artemis - Landscape
  Ten Commandments - Lord’s Summary, Matthew 22:37-39
  Ten Problem-Solving Devices
  Ten Problem-Solving Devices in Verse
  Terminators (large visual)
  Terminators East West
  Terms Of Eleusinian Mysteries
  Theater of Ephesus - Acts 19-A
  Theater of Ephesus - Acts 19-B
  Thessaloniki Present Day
  Three Categories of Sanctification & Justice
  Three Falls of Satan
  Three Roman Crosses
  Time Frame of Genesis 7:10-8:14
  Time Line of Daniel 9:25-27
  Time Management Options
  Timeline of Pauls Epistles
  Tinkertoy - Multiverse
  Titus - The Wolf - John 10:12
  Titus Flavius Vespasianus
  To the One Winning
  Top and Bottom Circles Light and Darkness
  Total Eclipse of the Moon on 9/10 January 1 b.c.
  Totipotent Cells
  Trade Routes First Century A.D.
  Transfer of Old Testament Saints
  Translation of “Surely Die” in Genesis 2:17
  Translation of 2 Peter 1 - 2
  Trichotomous Death Of Christ
  Trichotomous Death of Christ
  Trichotomy of Christ
  Tsunam - NOAA iModel
  Tsunami - Map of Countries Hit
  Tunic Crosses In Cemeteries Unique to Cornwall
  TunicCross-Tradition-Jesus As Child
  Twelve Apostles
  Twelve Christ Chose
  Two Categories of Winners in the Plan of God
  Two Deaths of Christ on the Cross
  Two Natures of Jesus Christ
  Two Prophetic Views of the Fall of Lucifer
  Two Words for Death in NT Greek
  Uses Of The Greek Present Tense
  Valley of Elah
  Veterans Day - 2011 Lesson 01
  Veterans Day - 2011 Lesson 02
  Veterans Day - 2011 Lesson 03
  Veterans Day - 2011 Lesson 04
  Veterans' Day 2009
  Veterans' Day 2010
  Virgin Birth, Selection & Hypostatic Union of Jesus Christ
  Virgin Pregnancy - Rev 12 1-4
  Virginia Convention Reenactment
  Virgin-Isa 7:14 cf Mt 1:23
  Wattle Huts at Glastonbury
  Wedding Party of the Lamb
  Welcome Home, Mark!
  Western Wall In Jerusalem
  Wheel-tracks - Memory Traces
  Wheeltracks Associations Constellations
  Wheel-tracks.Facilitated and Inhibited
  William Wirt
  Willys Jeep
  Winepress-Ancient Israel
  Writing Language Systems
  Yarn Structure of a Loom

Visuals and Diagrams authored by R.B. Thieme, Jr.
  Angelic Conflict Time Line (Satan's Appeal)
  Attack At Armageddon
  Attributes of God’s Integrity
  Barrier: Christ the Mediator
  Barrier: Christ the Mediator
  Believer's Road to Ruin or Recovery
  Biological Life in the Womb
  Categories of Forgiveness
  Categories of Humility
  Cogs of Carnality
  Cosmic One-Cosmic Two Comparisons
  Creation of Problem Solving Devices
  Creation of Problem Solving Devices New
  Cycle of Civilization - Cover
  Cycle of Civilization - Text
  Definition of 'Protocol'
  Direction of Counterpart Virtues
  Distinctions between the Rapture and the Second Advent
  Distribution of Escrow Blessings
  Divine Discipline in Contrast to Suffering for Blessing
  Divine Dynashere
  Divine Imputations at Physical Birth and Spiritual Birth
  Divine Punishment Of Believers
  Doctrine of Eternal Life
  Double Column Advance
  Edification Complex of the Soul
  Encapsulated Grace Pipeline
  Equation of Hope
  Escrow Blessings Distributed to Mature Believer
  Fallacy of Exorcism
  Flot Line with 10 PSDs
  Foundation, Pillars, & Roof
  Four Beginnings
  Four Spiritual Mechanics
  Function of Disciples and Apostles
  GAP OpZ and Neural Network
  Genitive with the Noun of Action
  Gratitude Gauge
  Human Life / Spiritual Death at Birth
  Hypostatic Union
  Impeccability of Jesus Christ
  Imputed Righteousness & the Grace Pipeline
  Inscrutable Question
  Inscrutable Question, Doctrinal Summary
  Inside the Bubble with PSDs
  Integrity - Composites Equal Love Of God
  Integrity - Function of Attributes
  Integrity of God: Direction
  Integrity Of God-Composites
  Last Judgment
  Love in Marriage
  Love of God = Integrity of God
  Motivational and Functional Virtues
  Objective of God’s Integrity
  Old Sin Nature Test
  Outside Pressures of Adversity and Prosperity
  Phases of the Appeal Trial of Satan
  Power Is Achieved in Weakness
  Priority #1
  Progression of the Equation of Hope
  Redemption: God’s Decision; Forgiveness: Man’s Decision
  Roman Soldier
  Simultaneous Advance to the High Ground
  Sinful Nature Characteristics
  The Sophisticated Spiritual Life
  Sophisticated Spiritual Life
  Stages of Spiritual Adulthood
  Strategy - King of the North
  Ten Problem-Solving Devices and FLOT Line
  Top and Bottom Circles
  Two Categories of Love for God
  Two Genitives of Reciprocal Love
  Two Royal Commissions
  Vessel of Dishonor
  Vessel of Honor

Visuals and Diagrams authored by Other
  Absaloms Mutiny
  Adrenal gland, Pheochromocytoma
  Ancient Caesarea Harbor
  Arch of Titus - 1
  Arch of Titus - 2
  Arch of Titus - 3
  Arch of Titus - 4
  Areas and Cortices
  Artemis Temple Entablature & Colonnades
  Association Cortex
  Bataan Death March
  Battle of Carrhae - Crassus
  Black Stone of the Ka'bah
  Brain Lobes
  The Brain-Color Coded Compartments
  Carabao, Carts, & Nipa Shacks
  Cerebral Cortex
  Cerebral Cortex: Subdivisions & Hemispheres
  Chester Song Lyric
  Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
  Christian Soldier
  Church Committee Report - 1976
  Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
  Coat of Arms-Diagram
  Comparison-New Testament & Ancient Manuscripts
  Constellations - Brain
  Contrasting Conceptions between the “Tragic” & “Anointed” Visions
  Da Vinci’s The Last Supper
  David Ross Pictures - 2011
  Dendrites and Dendritic Synaptic Cleft
  Denominational Family Trees
  Development of Cuneiform Writing
  Dome of the Rock: East
  Dome of the Rock: Mosque of Omar
  Dome of the Rock: Mt. Olives
  Egyptian Art 1000 B.C.
  Electromagnetic Spectrum Gamma to Radio
  Electromagnetic Spectrum Illustrated
  Electromagnetic Spectrum Ultraviolet and Infrared
  Ephesus: The Great Theater, Acadian Way and Artemis Bric-a-Brac
  Expansion of Roman Empire
  Family Life Conference - 2010
  Fibonacci Sequence
  Gamla Synagogue
  Gamla Synagogue- New
  Greek Phalanx
  Harlech Castle
  Headquarters of GEN Butterfield
  Heart Structure
  How the Left Undermined America's Security
  Ichneumon Wasp
  Ichneumon Wasp: Female Showing Ovipositor
  Ichneumon Wasps, WMDs, & Civil War
  Incident Report of Sgt. James Crowley
  The Inner Garment Tunic
  Israel Locator Map (PM-3)
  The Israeli Term for Toga
  Jerusalem: New Testament Times
  Jesse - Children Of
  Joe Pinder Barracks Germany
  Kali, Goddess
  Land of Hope and Glory
  Luzon Island, the Philippines
  Map: Abraham in Ur of Chaldea
  Map: Abrahams Journey to Canaan
  Map: Abrahams Journey to Haran
  Map: Ancient Greece
  Map: Asia Minor - 1st Century AD
  Map: Assyrian Expansion
  Map: Canaan before Conquest
  Map: Dead Sea and the Valley Of Siddim
  Map: Dead Sea Showing Pentapolis (Tight)
  Map: Dead Sea Showing Pentapolis (Wide)
  Map: Districts of Palestine
  Map: Divided Monarchies
  Map: Ephesus and the Cities of Asia Minor
  Map: European Community
  Map: Germany
  Map: Growth of Christianity
  Map: Holy Land Elevations in Bible Times
  Map: Jerusalem & Bethlehem, Israel: Present-Day
  Map: Jesus Ministry, Sidon to Jerusalem
  Map: Joseph and Mary's Route to Bethlehem
  Map: Judah in the Days of Hezekiah and Sennacherib
  Map: Lebanon
  Map: Lebanon Mountains
  Map: Magi's "Other" Route to Damascus (Stages 1-7)
  Map: Magi's Options for Routes of Departure
  Map: Magi's Routes to Jerusalem 1 through 4
  Map: Modern Jerusalem
  Map: Muslim Distribution
  Map: Palestine’s Topography
  Map: Parthian Empire
  Map: Parthian Mints
  Map: Paul's Second Journey
  Map: Philista Shephelah and Western Judah
  Map: Silk Road
  Map: Southwest Asia
  Map: Street Map of Bethlehem
  Map: The Beginnings of Historic Greece
  Map: Virginia
  Map: Western France and England
  Map: Ypres Salient
  Millo of Jerusalem
  Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley
  National Flags: Islamic 1
  National Flags: Islamic 2
  Neural Network: Laying a Memory Trace
  Neurology: Association Cortex
  Neurology: Association Cortex - Compared
  Neurology: Brain Cros-section (Optic, Olfactory)
  Neurology: Chemical Synapse - (Negative)
  Neurology: Chemical Synapse - (Positive A)
  Neurology: Chemical Synapse - (Positive B)
  Neurology: Limbic System
  Neurology: Neural Network
  Neurology: Neuron (photo and Drawing)
  Neurology: Neurton Tangle
  Neurology: Synapse
  Neurology: Synapses on Neruons
  Neurology: Three Brain Divisions
  Neurology: Vectors, Memory Trace
  Neurology: View of Cotex
  New Testament Jerusalem (3D View)
  Operation Cabanatuan
  The Outer Tunic Toga
  P-61 Black Widow
  Parthian Cavalry
  Penrose Tiles & Kepler’s Monster
  Phi: The Golden Number: 1.618
  Philippi Map
  Plato's Cave
  Pointe Du Hoc Ranger Monument
  Polyphyletic vs. Monophyletic Origins
  Pre-, Post-, and Amellinnialism
  Primary Colors
  Queen Elizabeth II Photo
  Queen Victoria Photo
  Ranger Raid at Cabanatuan
  Roman Belt (Cingulum Militare)
  Roman Boots (Caligae)
  Roman Breastplate (Lorica Segmentata)
  Roman Helmet (Galea)
  Roman Legionary Organization
  Roman Shield (Scutum)
  Roman Shields and Battering Ram
  Roman Sword (Gladius)
  Roman Swords (Gladii)
  Roman Warrior
  Rosetta Stone
  Routes to Jerusalem and Origin of Human Life
  Ruins of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus
  Sagittarius A: The Center of the Milky Way
  Score: Extinguish Lights
  Score: Scott Tattoo
  Score: Taps
  The Sign Painting
  Silent Heroes
  Six Agonistic Chemicals
  Solomon's Temple
  Standards of the Tribes of Israel
  Standards of the Tribes of Israel-Jacob’s Wives
  Structure of Conditions
  Sunset, Sunrise, and Twilight for the Pentapolis
  Surface Anatomy of the Kidney
  Temple of Apollo at Delphi
  Tyre-The Rock
  Various Appearances of Phi
  Veterans Day Special 2017 A
  Veterans Day Special 2017 B
  Veterans Day Special 2017 C
  Veterans Day Special 2017 D
  Veterans Day Special 2017 E
  Visible Spectrum
  Wars of the Roses: Battle Sites
  Wars of the Roses: Major Battles
  What Causes Hurricanes?