Basics Audio

Series ID Description
BAS-01 Six Logical Propositions
BAS-02 Plan of God; The Trinity; Essence of God: 1-2
BAS-03 Essence of God: 3-6
BAS-04 Essence of God: 7-10
BAS-05 Personalities of The Trinity: Father, Son
BAS-07 Nine False Gospels; The True Gospel; True Salvation
BAS-06 Personalities: The Holy Spirit; Fall of Man
BAS-08 Spirituality
BAS-09 Human Good & Evil; Rebound: Lk 15:11
BAS-10 Rebound: Lk 15:12-14, Spiritual Assets
BAS-11 Rebound: Lk 15: 15-18, Man's Sin, God's Grace
BAS-12 Rebound: Lk 15:18-23, Man's Guilt, God's Forgiveness
BAS-13 Rebound: Bottom Circle; Lk 15: 24, Death
BAS-14 Rebound: Lk 15:24, Death; Lk 15:25-27
BAS-15 Rebound: Elder Brothers & Pharisees; Lk 15:28
BAS-16 Rebound: Trends of the Sinful Nature
BAS-17 Rebound: Lust Patterns of the Sinful Nature
BAS-18 Rebound: Summary of the Sinful Nature
BAS-19 Rebound: Dangers of Self-Righteousness
BAS-20 Rebound: Lk 15:29-30, Relative Righteousness
BAS-21 Rebound: Lk 15:31-32, Eternal Security
BAS-22 Review: Lessons 1-21
BAS-23 The Importance of Doctrine
BAS-24 Grace Apparatus for Perception: 1 Cor. 2:4a
BAS-25 GAP: 1 Cor 2:4b-5
BAS-26 GAP: 1 Cor 2:6-7; Dispensations: Intro
BAS-27 Dispensations: Gentiles, Israel, Incarnation
BAS-28 Dispensations: Incarnation; Prototype System
BAS-29 Prototype System: Continued
BAS-30 Dispensations: Jesus' Change of Plans
BAS-31 Dispensations: Church, Tribulation
BAS-32 Dispensations: Millennium; Mystery Doctrines
BAS-33 Mystery Doctrines; GAP: 1 Cor 2:4-13
BAS-34 GAP: 1 Cor 2:14; Faith Rest: Introduction
BAS-35 Faith Rest: Ex 17:1-7, No-Water Test
BAS-36 Faith Rest: Numb 20:2-11, Heb 3:7-12
BAS-37 Faith Rest: Heb 3:13 - 4:3, 9-16
BAS-38 Faith Rest: Stage 1: Promises
BAS-39 Faith Rest: Stage 1: More Promises
BAS-40 Faith Rest: Stage 2: Doctrinal Rationales
BAS-41 Faith Rest: Stage 2: More Doctrinal Rationales
BAS-42 Faith Rest: Stage 3: Doctrinal Conclusions
BAS-43 Faith Rest: Discipline & Suffering
BAS-44 Prayer: Biblical Vocabulary
BAS-45 Prayer: Paragraphs 1-3
BAS-46 Prayer: Paragraph 4; Content; Special: Meals
BAS-47 Prayer: Special: Authority, Unbeliever, Jew
BAS-48 Prayer: Special: Enemy, Believer, Teacher
BAS-49 Prayer: Why Prayers Are Not Answered
BAS-50 Prayer: Marital Discord; Review: '89 Basics
BAS-51 40 Proclamations: The Theology Of Grace Doctrine Church: 1-25
BAS-52 40 Proclamations: 26-40 Importance of Doctrine
Welcome to Basics

You are about to delve into the ’89 Basics Series, a series of basic instructional biblical studies. This study is designed for two categories of people:

  • Those who are not familiar with Christianity but would like to become oriented to its basic beliefs and doctrines.
  • Those who already consider themselves to be Christians but have to this point not been entirely clear on what principles are basic to the Christian faith.

You may wish to use the books below as a study guide while listening to the audio series on the left. Both make for a great Bible study experience and are encouraged for private, family and small group studies.

Basics Companion Books
    God Exists: Navigating the Web of Truth
by Joe Griffin
(Joe Griffin Media Ministries,
67 pp.)

Griffin’s study on the basic doctrines of the Christian faith was first published in 2005. This series in four volumes contains reprints of his pulpit notes from the 1989 Basics Series.  Book 1 is an introduction to the logical rationale that concludes there is a God.  This leads to a discussion of the plan of God, the three Persons of the Trinity, and divine essence.  Finally, the entry of mankind into the plan of God is presented followed by his spiritual fall in the garden of Eden.  Nine false approaches to the gospel of salvation are analyzed. 


Safe to Die? What One Must Do to Be Saved
by Joe Griffin
(Joe Griffin Media Ministries,
81 pp.)

The importance of distinguishing the difference between spirituality and carnality is imperative for new believers to understand.  The parable of the prodigal son clearly demonstrates this dichotomy.  The passage demonstrates that the self-righteous elder brother committed far more sins than did the prodigal.  The causes of carnality, lust patterns of the sin nature, and recovery of spirituality are explained.  Safe to Die? concludes with a review of studies covered in the first two books.


Know What God Thinks
by Joe Griffin
(Joe Griffin Media Ministries,
137 pp.)

Bible doctrine is the thinking of God related to the human race. Nothing is more important than knowing what God thinks and understanding His policy. Know What God Thinks covers the importance of doctrine, dispensations, mystery doctrine and concludes with a study of the Faith-Rest Drill.


Does He Hear My Prayer
by Joe Griffin
(Joe Griffin Media Ministries,
67 pp.)

Prayer is the unique prerogative of the royal priesthood. It is the divinely developed system of communication between the royal family and God the Father. Does He Hear My Prayer covers the Biblical way to pray, types of prayers and reasons why prayer goes unanswered. The book concludes with a review of doctrines learned in all four books.

     Forty Proclamations:
The Theology of Grace Doctrine Church

(Joe Griffin Media Ministries, 100 pp.)

Forty Proclamations presents succinct definitions of forty core doctrines that are essential for believers to understand.  In addition, the book contains copies of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.  

Hard copies of these titles may be ordered from:
Joe Griffin Media Ministries
1821 South River Road
St. Charles, MO 63303-4124