About Joe Griffin Media Ministries

Joe Griffin Media Ministries was founded in 2005 as a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization incorporated and operating under the laws of the State of Missouri and is a separate organization from Grace Doctrine Church.  The purpose of the ministry is to make doctrinal Bible teaching by Joe Griffin available without charge or obligation.


Board of Directors:  Joe Griffin, president, Paul Davey, chairman, Rick Shirrell, treasurer, Casey Hunt, secretary, Danna M. Schott, administrator: distribution

The media that are distributed by JGMM include:

World Wide Web:  All Bible classes taught at GDC are broadcast live over JGMM’s Web site and are accessible from its home page.  For current class schedule please check the home page.  In addition, the audio of each class is stored on the site’s Archives pages and may be streamed at any time including access to the lesson notes and visuals used by Pastor Griffin.  These lessons may also be downloaded in MP3 format.  Almost 3,000 Bible classes are available on the site.  The Web site’s address is www.joegriffin.org.

Digital Media:  The audio of each lesson is captured by this department and then transferred to the Web site’s server for streaming, downloads, and Podcasts, and to Media Fulfillment for burning MP3 compact disks (see below).

Print Media:  JGMM publishes books developed from Pastor Griffin’s class notes and are distributed at the church or, upon request, through U. S. Mail.  For a list of currently available publications, click here.  Copies of Pastor Griffin’s pulpit notes are available on request and are distributed via e-mail.  To enroll in this service, click here.

Transcriptions:  A number of volunteers transcribe the audio of Pastor Griffin’s Bible classes.  These are used by editors to develop manuscripts for future publications.

Media Fulfillment:  All Bible classes contained in the site’s Archives may be obtained on compact disk in MP3 format.  The “current study” is distributed once a month, each disk containing the audio of the previous month’s Bible classes, lesson notes, and visuals.  These disks are distributed in three ways: (1) at the church, (2) automatically each month to subscribers, or (3) individually on request.  All other classes may be ordered from the inventory on request with a limit of 30 lessons per month.  Publications by Joe Griffin Media Ministries are also distributed by this department on request.  For a list of currently available publications, click here.

How to order disks and publications:  Orders may be placed by request through the mail.  When ordering disks by mail, include the precise code and lesson numbers desired.  For example, if the Clanking Chains study is chosen you might stipulate “CC02-01 through CC02-30.”  This would indicate you want to start with the first lesson and receive the maximum number of lessons permitted each month, i.e., 30.  If ordering books stipulate the title and number of copies desired.  Please be sure to provide your name and complete mailing address and send to:


Joe Griffin Media Ministries 

  1821 South River Road

St. Charles, MO 63303-4124